Welcome to PMG Group

El Prince for Marble and Granite (PMG GROUP) Established in 1979 in Egypt, and since its debut, its success has been an outcome of its commitment to supply customers with high quality products. We have successfully established ourselves as the leading company in Egypt in the marble & granite field. The company's different activities cover the entire stone process from quarry extraction, through sawing, polishing, and processing until the final delivery to the client. Factories and warehouses in Egypt cover an area of more than 35,000 m2, with a workforce that exceeds 800 people.


The love for marble and granites, whose beauty cannot be compared to any other material albeit well-carved, combined with a meticulous search for quality and the passion for demanding architectural style, is the core concept inspiring companies whose support is essential in achieving the goal of creating enviroments that evoke emotions. And that's when the colours of marble and granites intersect and explode into graceful patterns, that's when the light penetrates onyx veins enhancing their preciousness, that's when a porous travertine gives a touch of warmth to an elegant environment. El Prince is all of this. The best marble and granites from all over the world. Love and passion.